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Some Unfair facts about working here in the Philippines

by: kimPuGe™

        Let us all notice the fact that when we will ask somebody, ”Where do you want to work?“ most people will say “I would rather try to take my chances working abroad than to work here in our country with minimal earning” then others might follow up the previous statement and say “I will never earn here whatever that I will be earning while working abroad for few years, even if I will work like a hog here in our country for twenty years”. Pretty harsh statements, but if you would notice you might also say those statements whenever if it happens that somebody will ask you that question. Anyway, even if we would not want to work abroad, are there enough opportunities here in our country? Maybe there are opportunities, but still not enough for all of us. We might also notice that although there are lots of good companies here in our country, there are also some companies, which somehow treats their employees unfairly. Let us also admit the fact that there are only few cases, where a person from a provincial college or an unpopular school gets good position whenever he got hired in a company. In the meantime, only those who are from famous Universities are having good employment status most of the times. There are also some cases of illegal recruitment even not applying for overseas employment. And sometimes, if a person got lucky to be hired in some companies, I bet if that person would be in regular status as soon as possible.

        Let’s say if that person will be in contractual status for 5-6 months and after that another set of months before he will be going to provisionary status or worst being terminated as soon as his contract expires. Aside of that, some of the companies are hiring employees in casual or project base basis. I really don’t know what’s the difference between casual and project base basis, but just to describe both, both of them are worst than a contractual basis, but it still depends on the company. And lastly, another sad fact is, there are a lot of employees who are working hard without having all the right benefits that they deserve. Imagine traveling without insurance or to make it simpler, it is just like riding a bicycle inside a train subway then after the train passed you’d be six feet under.

        Although most of the statements mentioned here in the article does not portray a good image for our society. Let us all admit that those statements are facts. Anyone of us might encounter those situations in the future or might have already encountered it before. We, all the Filipinos have to bear all of those injustices in our society. All of us have to work in order to live. Let us all just hope that somehow in the future, we could get through all of it. Or else, we will not earn a living and all we’ll have is nothing but a penny to flip with our fingers.