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Fun Stuffs Turned to be Informative

by: kimPuGe™

        All of us have different ways of enjoying a boring situation. Some of the most common ways of it is listening to music, playing video games and talking with your nearest seatmate or friend. But what if you are an I.T. Lab Assistant? You are working inside a classroom particularly a Computer Laboratory and you are with the instructor and your students. Maybe it would be fine if you will just listen to music while the instructor discusses the lesson to the students. But, do you think that it would be fine if your students will see you playing video games inside their classroom? Imagine your students saying, “Look at Sir, para siyang bata oh!” while you are enjoying your video game. as well as would it be all right for the instructor if you will talk to a student near you while he’s discussing something? A “Major Distraction” that’s what you are if will do that inside a classroom.

        As an I.T. Lab Assistant in a well-disciplined school, you should also apply the school’s core values especially when you are inside the school. So, instead of playing “kid’s stuffs” or starting stupid conversations with your students, why don’t you just read books? Yes! Reading books is fun. It would be just a matter of choosing which books you will read in this particular situation. If you know Bob Ong, you may find his books fun to read, particularly the book “Bakit Baliktad Magbasa ng Libro ang mga Pilipino?”. This book is very informative as well as it is funny. If you may happen to see the book, its cover is inverted or rather say it as turned upside-down and the reader may look like a jerk while reading the book. Although the cover is quite weird, the author shows plenty of information about our characteristics as a Filipino and how other people from other nations think about us. Something amazing about this book is the instance that you may see yourself inside the situations in the featured articles. Maybe because as a Filipino you had already experienced that particular situation. Or maybe, the image of a Filipino described in the article reflects on your own characteristics.

        Another good thing about this book is it's concept of showing most of our weaknesses as a Filipino. This concept could really open-up a reader’s eye about the things that we have to change in order to help in our country’s progress. See how informative it is? Something funny to something so fruitful is very unusual. So if you are thinking that reading is a boring stuff, better to think about it again and try books of this kind. You may find it more fun than anything else and in addition learning at the same time.