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Being Independent is not that Good at all

by: kimPuGeô

        At last! I am already on my own. I can do whatever I want and nobody will tell me what I should do anymore. This is a god-like privilege I am longing for. Imagine, I can drink beer if I want. I can puff a cigar if I need to. And I can go wherever I want to go, anytime that I want to. This is life for me. This is what I call freedom.

        Yes. It is so good to feel so independent. We will learn many things because we were able to experience new things. But sometimes isnít it nice to remember those days when we were still living with our parents? Where, we just ask for our allowance. Unlike now, we are already responsible for the budget, and we have to suffer the consequences of irresponsible spent of money. In addition to that, who would not miss their motherís home cook meals? Weíll remember the ambience and how nice the food our motherís are preparing for us. Compare today, where almost every meal was spent inside a cafeteria, or by eating canned goods and instant noodles, which are not that nutritious at all. And remember way back before, when were we were still young. Whenever we get sick, our parents particularly our mothers took good care of us. They provided us the right medicines and watched over our conditions. Unlike now, we canít rely on anyone, except for the doctors and ourselves whenever we are not feeling well.

        Independence is a very good privilege that a person could have. But letís accept the fact that beyond being good there are some consequences that we have to consider. And to enjoy the privilege of being independent, we must be responsible enough for ourselves. And let all be reminded of Spider man 3 movieís theme, ďGreat power means Great Responsibility...Ē and may god bless everyone.

"Inspired by my first day in my boarding house..."